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Please make sure to follow all the directions in the starting out forum. Also STUDENTS we now have enough teachers and students, so the school year can start. You may now post in the school. There is no elementary school, as it 'burned down in a tragic fire last summer'. So unless you're fourteen, you're homeschooled.
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Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.
Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.


 Liz McCutney

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Liz McCutney
Guidance Counselor/Spanish Teacher
Liz McCutney

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.Basic Information.
Full Name: Elizabeth Anne McCutney
Nickname: Liz - Ms. McCutney to students
Age: 26
Birthdate: January 14
Nationailty: Venezuelan and American
Gender: Female
Job: Spanish teacher and Guidance Counselor

Eye Color: Light grey
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Length: Down to her shoulders
Hair Texture: Wavy
Height: 5'5
Body Type: Slim
Distinguishing Marking(s): Heart-shaped birthmark on her neck
Other: Glasses

Likes: Reading, writing, teaching, talking to people she considers friends, Oreos
Dislikes: Snobs, people who come on too strong, TV, heights
Hobbies: Reading, writing, occasionally skiing
Grades: 3.9 GPA
Favorite Colors: Green and Purple
Favorite Sports: Soccer

Best Friends: Not sure yet.
Enemies: None

Father: Collin McCutney
Mother: Victoria McCutney nee Skaggs
Spouse: None
Children: None
Siblings: Older brother, Jason - Doctor
Pet: Gerbil

.Personal History.
Liz's life could be defined in two ways; the average life of an immigrant or the strange life of an average American. She grew up near the border of Mexico, and as she also grew up in a bilingual household, she used to meld Spanish and English together, especially when she was nervous. She was constantly bullied for both her ethnicity (thankfully, she took after her father and looked English, unlike her elder brother) and her antisociality. By the time she had hit high school, she was being frequently assaulted and her parents had move her to the town she is currently in.

Her high school years were relatively happy, and by the time she had finished college had gotten rid of her mesh of languages and part of her somewhat-Spanish accent. She still spouts the occasional random language when nervous and often when she's teaching, but other than that is well off in her English. She is more social and loves her job, refusing to leave it even if offered billions of dollars.
How did you find us? My friends at HN.
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Liz McCutney
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