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Please make sure to follow all the directions in the starting out forum. Also STUDENTS we now have enough teachers and students, so the school year can start. You may now post in the school. There is no elementary school, as it 'burned down in a tragic fire last summer'. So unless you're fourteen, you're homeschooled.
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Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.
Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.


 My life recorded

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Daphne Knight
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Daphne Knight

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My life recorded Empty
PostSubject: My life recorded   My life recorded EmptyWed Dec 07, 2011 5:28 pm

Okay so, I really don't like diarys, so this is my audio journal. For those from the wayyyy future, I'm totally retro, yeah! Is this thing even on? Ah yeah, okay.

So, I'm Daphne Knight, y'all may know me, hope you do. I'm 17 now, got a scholorship to the Julliard, ehhh I dance, I sing, I play guitar, haha, as you guys probably know. Hopefully. Anyway, Ari and Bria must be my closest friends right now. And then theres Ben. I dunno if you guys know Ben, maybe he's not in my future. Anyway Ben is..well, he's Ben. I like him, but I totally screwed it up. Note to future listeers, don't run away after making out. It's really, really awkward.
I'm recording this from my new foster home by the way, I think I got pretty lucky, not many people like taking in foster kids who are alrady 17. But Brenda and Marcus are really sweet. I hope they're in my future still, if they arent then; I miss you guys! And I love you! If my gran is still listening then I want her to know that she is my inspiration. Mom, rest in peace. Dad, rot in hell. Oh, I don't normally curse, but this time I had to. Sorry younger listeners. I don't even know if this thing will ever HAVE listeners. But it sounds better than 'dear diary'
Well...I'm off listeners! Have a nice day!
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My life recorded
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