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Please make sure to follow all the directions in the starting out forum. Also STUDENTS we now have enough teachers and students, so the school year can start. You may now post in the school. There is no elementary school, as it 'burned down in a tragic fire last summer'. So unless you're fourteen, you're homeschooled.
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Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.
Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.


 Alex Wood

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Alex Wood
Art Teacher
Alex Wood

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Character Information
Full Name: Alexander Liam Wood
Age: 37
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A
Allergies: Walnuts, pollen
Job: Art Teacher

Character Appearance
Skin Color: Pale
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short
Hair Texture: Straight and kind of rough
Extra: Dimples

Character Attitude: Shy and nerdy

Mother: Leah Wood nee Orson
Father: Matthew Wood
Siblings: Namine Greggs nee Wood (aged 19)
Grandparents: Henry and Liza Wood, Daniel and Nora Orson
Other: Sienna Greggs (Niece),

Friends: Unknown
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Married to Lacie Wood nee Nam
Children: Callum and Finlay Wood
Enemies: None so far.

Grades: Usually A's and B's
Highschool: Has his diploma
College: Graduated
Degrees: High school diploma, Bachelors' Degree, Masters

Life Timeline (From birth-now):

July 26th 1989- Born to Matthew and Leah Wood
June 26 1991- Namine is born
Fairly normal childhood...
July of 2009- Finds out that his little sister is pregnant and kicks the crap out of Mason Greggs (Namine's boyfriend)
June 1 2010- Sienna is born
June 28 2010- Namine and Mason get married
September of 2010- Gets a job at Rosewood High

Other stuff

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Alex Wood
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