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Please make sure to follow all the directions in the starting out forum. Also STUDENTS we now have enough teachers and students, so the school year can start. You may now post in the school. There is no elementary school, as it 'burned down in a tragic fire last summer'. So unless you're fourteen, you're homeschooled.
For anyone who has graduated high school and wishes to attend college, please PM Leighton Everling with your college of choice and she will create a forum for it. If your college of choice is already created, please do not PM anyone.
The rules are currently under construction. Therefore, if you aren't sure about something, please PM Leighton Everling or Admin Lyssa. If we catch you posting something that isn't allowed, we won't punish you (as you didn't know better), but you will be warned.
Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.
Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.

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Miss Lyssa
Miss Lyssa

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PostSubject: Quote Thread   Fri Mar 11, 2011 5:01 am

Here you can post funny moments from the CB and posts. On behalf of all the mods, please edit. And feel free to post with every funny thing, we know how funny things can get Wink Please post your quotes in quote tags:

Quote :
my dad ate a poodle once

Got it?
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Briannon Vander
New Mommy
Briannon Vander

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PostSubject: Re: Quote Thread   Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:29 am

Quote :
[18:57:07] * Briannon Everling lost the game and pushes Aria off a cliff "ILY@@@@@@@@@"
[18:57:23] * Aria Newberry is pushed off a cliff. "ILYM@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@"

Quote :
[15:34:51] @ Alex Vander : Do you remember we were sitting there by the water? I put my arm around you, for the first time. I made a preggo of a careful man's careless daughter. You are the best thing, that's ever been mine. <<<I changed the words. You likey?
[15:35:22] Briannon Everling : -_-
[15:35:27] Briannon Everling : Really Alex?
[15:35:27] Lacie Nam : XD
[15:35:48] * Briannon Everling is secretly laughing
[15:35:59] @ Alex Vander : And I remember that fight two thirty AM, 'cuz everything was slipping right out of our hands, you ran out crying and I followed you down into the street. Brace myself for the yelling, 'cuz that's all I've ever known, when you took me by surprise, and said, 'I DO!' BRIA WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:36:11] * Alex Vander smiles and slips the ring on when she's not looking.
[15:36:19] @ Julia Bayer : OMFG ALEX You're hilarious.
[15:36:24] * Briannon Everling is apparently getting married
[15:36:33] Briannon Everling : *and has a ring slipped on her finger

Siggie by moi

/Bria/Eighteen/Mommy/Baby Lyssa/In Love/
I have permission to GM...
My wonderful parents:Leighton and Jazix Everling
My girls <3:Lacie Nam, Ariana Drake, and Mikkeyla Exxevez
My man kisses:Alex Vander
R.I.P. The amazing Daemon Blackdale and Raleigh Browning. They will never be forgotten XOXO

Last edited by Briannon Everling on Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:09 am; edited 1 time in total
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Lacie Wood
Rosewood High Student
Lacie Wood

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PostSubject: Re: Quote Thread   Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:38 am

[23:06:57] Liz McCutney : Oh, HELL yes!
[23:07:06] * Liz McCutney totally didn't just curse in the CB. CLEAR.


[17:24:49] @ Adriana Perry : I want a damn pickle
[17:26:05] Liz McCutney : Ugh.
[17:26:09] Mark Peters : LOL
[17:26:15] * Liz McCutney loves pickles, but hates how they taste.
[17:26:28] Lacie Nam : ...ok?
[17:26:45] @ Adriana Perry : ...How?
[17:26:47] Liz McCutney : I <3 talking about/the thought of pickles. But I HATE eating them.
[17:26:51] @ Adriana Perry : Do you like do dirty things with them instead?
[17:26:55] Liz McCutney : It's a very complicated, love-hate relationship.
[17:26:57] Lacie Nam : *snorts*
[17:27:01] Briannon Everling : ROFL
[17:27:11] Liz McCutney : 0_o
[17:27:16] Liz McCutney : DRI. SERIOUSLY?!
[17:27:22] Liz McCutney : That's Pedoman's job. ><
[17:27:22] @ Adriana Perry : Yes
[17:27:28] @ Adriana Perry : Maybe you get those big ones
[17:27:31] @ Adriana Perry : And diddle yourself
[17:27:35] Briannon Everling : Pedoman?
[17:27:37] @ Adriana Perry : Pedoman sticks pickles in you?
[17:27:38] @ Adriana Perry : ...The fuck?
[17:27:43] Liz McCutney : NO.
[17:27:55] @ Rune Slant : WHAT
[17:28:02] Liz McCutney : Pedoman's the one you should be accusing of doing dirty thinks to himself with pickles. ^^
[17:28:14] Lacie Nam : who's Pedoman?
[17:28:15] Liz McCutney : No offense or anything, but he's a LOT more likely than me.
[17:28:21] @ Rune Slant : I'm not gay. Hence, I don't do things with pickles.
[17:28:24] Liz McCutney : ...
[17:28:30] Liz McCutney : *headdesk*
[17:28:34] Mark Peters : ROFL
[17:28:40] Liz McCutney : WHAT'S WRONG WITH PICKLES?
[17:28:56] Liz McCutney : You biased idiot.
[17:29:05] Lacie Nam : THINGS Liz
[17:29:09] Briannon Everling : *chuckles*
[17:29:13] @ Rune Slant : YOU WERENT INSINUATING EATING!
[17:29:14] Lacie Nam : sheesh
[17:29:24] Briannon Everling : Wow....
[17:29:36] Liz McCutney : Just because I wasn't INSINUATING eating doesn't mean I don't MEAN eating. ^^
[17:29:45] Lacie Nam : and those things don't mean masticating -_-
[17:29:52] Mark Peters : ...........
[17:29:52] Lacie Nam : it means the other thing
[17:30:01] * Rune Slant covers Mark's ears
[17:30:02] * Liz McCutney is trying REALLY hard not to laugh at this.
[17:30:03] Lacie Nam : ok, so....brb
[17:30:09] Liz McCutney : XD XD XD
[17:30:12] Liz McCutney : MASTICATING
[17:30:46] Liz McCutney : If you don't know what that means, this is REALLY awkward. XD
[17:31:33] Liz McCutney : Masticating is to grind your teeth, guys. -_-
[17:31:39] * Rune Slant shakes his head and goes back to posting.
[17:31:42] Lacie Nam : chewing
[17:31:48] Lacie Nam : not grinding your teeth. chewing.
[17:31:52] Liz McCutney : Whatevs.

Permission to GM Alex Wood and Briannon Everling. Smile

This beautiful siggie was made by the lovely Bri. She's the best Very Happy

RIP to those who lost their lives in the Rosewood Ball Massacre. You will never be forgotten.
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Leighton Everling
Rosewood High Principal/History Teacher
Leighton Everling

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PostSubject: Re: Quote Thread   Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:12 am

[13:40:46] * Leighton Everling glomps Lyss "I hate/love you"
[13:41:07] * Admin Lyssa is glomped by a pregnant woman with uncertain feelings towards her 'Okay then....'

EDIT: I know, I'm hilarious. Don't you see my halo?

Permission to GM Jazix Everling (My amazing husband) and Briannon Everling (My beautiful daughter)
I also have permission to GM my students during class (within reason of course)

Sig by Admin Lyssa

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Miss Lyssa
Miss Lyssa

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PostSubject: Re: Quote Thread   Wed May 11, 2011 4:14 am

Quote :
[18:41:12] * Miss Lyssa doesn't know what her dad is doing but it sounds like he's cutting something with a chainsaw
[18:41:14] Lacie Nam : YES MA'AM!
[18:41:16] Lacie Nam : and FAIL XD
[18:41:20] Lacie Nam : ...
[18:41:31] Lacie Nam : as long as there's no screaming, it's cool
[18:41:38] @ Leighton Everling : LOl, that doesn't sound safe
[18:41:58] @ Miss Lyssa : No, he's making a hamburger.
[18:42:02] Lacie Nam : ...
[18:42:06] Lacie Nam : with a chainsaw? XD
[18:42:11] @ Leighton Everling : With a chainsaw?
[18:42:17] @ Leighton Everling : Or what Lace said XD
[18:42:31] @ Miss Lyssa : The sound was someone outside using a leaf blower All is well, as long as the guy outside doesn't start chasing people.
[18:42:41] @ Miss Lyssa : ROFLMFAO You guys are hilarious
[18:42:56] Lacie Nam : XD


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PostSubject: Re: Quote Thread   

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