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Please make sure to follow all the directions in the starting out forum. Also STUDENTS we now have enough teachers and students, so the school year can start. You may now post in the school. There is no elementary school, as it 'burned down in a tragic fire last summer'. So unless you're fourteen, you're homeschooled.
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Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.
Rosewood is a fictional town in the US. However, feel free to use real life TV shows, music artists, brand names and such. Make sure to read the copyright on this.


 Erin Shivler

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Erin Shivler
Rosewood High Student
Erin Shivler

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Character Information
Full Name: Erin S. Shivler
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Allergies: Peanut butter and wasp/bee stings
Job: (Fill this out when you get a job)

Character Appearance
Skin Color: Tan
Eye Color: Turquoise
Hair Color: Light brown
Hair Length: To her upper back (usually in a ponytail)
Hair Texture: Smooth and flat
Extra (Dimples, Freckles, Beauty marks, Birth marks, etc.): Diamond birthmark on her neck

Character Attitude (Bad Girl/Boy, Teacher's Pet, etc.): Athletic

Mother: Dana Shivler nee Johnson (Deceased)
Father: Orion Shivler (Deceased)
Siblings: None
Grandparents: Horace and Dianne Shivler, others deceased
Other: Both of her parents died during 9/11, lives with her grandparents (moved here recently)

Friends: TBA
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: TBA
Children: Ah...no.
Enemies: TBA
Other: -

Grades: Bs and Cs
Highschool: Working on it!
College: Not yet
Degrees: None

Life Timeline (From birth-now):

Erin was born out in the middle of Texas with exactly 17 cousins that were boys. Growing up, she was roughhoused quite a bit, and she learned how to play soccer and football (American style!) and learned to get right back up when she fell. For a business meeting, her parents left her with a friend to go to New York. They never returned. They were both killed in the attacks on the twin towers, and Erin was shipped off to live with her paternal grandparents, away from her life in Texas. Her grandparents recently became retired and moved to Rosewood, and she just hopes that her domineering personality won't drive off all potential friends.


Has a Western accent when she's frustrated or around someone she likes and hates it.
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Erin Shivler
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